Whatever philosophers otherwise work on
(Which doubtless is very profound and alluring)
I'd like to propose an acute interruption
For questions whose answers are more worth procuring

We'll probably need to involve quantum physics
So please get your physicist friends to the summit
Oh, someone should probably also take minutes
And no one can leave til we get something from it

The matter we need to address is outrageous:
That nobody seems to know how the fuck time works
Eternalists, presentists, growing-block theorists
Everyone's musing but I need a framework

If all points in spacetime exist uniformly
Then that will affect how I go about grieving
So please conclude something and swiftly inform me
How much of the truth is just what we're perceiving

If Tooley and Forrest were right in their premise
Then Kevin is living as much as I'm writing
And I am long dead and the sun has not formed yet
And Grant is still laughing as much as I'm crying

But if relativity doesn't preclude it
(Which luckily seems to be very unlikely)
Then presentists win and I'm sad we pursued it
I'll always remember the summit contritely